Sebastian A. Klarian

Associated Professor
Quintay Marine Research Center, Life Sciences College, Universidad Andres Bello. Chile
Assistant Research Professor (Postdoc fellow)
Department of ecology and evolutionary biology, University of Connecticut, USA.
BS in Marine Biology (2006), Master in Marine Biology (2008), Ph.D. in conservation Medicine (2014), Universidad Andrés Bello. Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Connecticut, USA).
Research subject:
My research interest is to seek novel answers to fundamental and applied questions in fish biology, stable isotopes, and fisheries integrating physiology, trophic ecology, and genetics. Simultaneously I have developed novel mathematical models that are tested with laboratory experiments. Also, with my workgroup, we perform fun fieldwork. My main goal is to provide information to fisheries science to develop stock assessments according to the times we live in and manage the resources through sustainable levels.